A domain is the online address at which the website is registered. Most companies never change a domain because their regular customers remember it. That is why it is very important to pick the right domain.

Domains are the easiest way to organize a huge number of websites. The second option is to use number, but that would be impractical and completely unattractive to users.

Why should you have your own domain?

There are also platforms on which you can host your website without having a domain. You can easily use a domain from another provider (e.g. Weebly or Wix). This option is practical and looks simpler, but having your own domain can bring some important advantage to your business:

  • A website with your domain looks more professional
  • Customers remember it more easily

  • It has better rank in web browsers
  • You have the option of regular backups and technical maintenance without being dependent on other providers

10 tips on how to choose a domain and what to look for

  1. The domain should be easy to pronounce, memorize and type in the browser.
  2. Write 5 main keywords from the field of your business and try to combine them with each other.
  3. The domain can be identical to the company name. If a domain is already taken, you can add an activity (e.g. If the company name is Vozim and the domain :vozim.si is already taken, the other option is: avtosolavozim.si).
  4. You will most likely also use the domain to create an email address for yourself and your employees. Keep this in mind when choosing a domain!
  5. Ideally, the domain should be short and simple. It is better to avoid numbers that customers often enter with the word.
  6. The domain should be as simple as possible to help your customers from making typos.
  7. With or without a hyphen? We suggest that the domain is without hyphens (if possible).
  8. It is a good idea to start with registering multiple suffixes. Get at least .com and .si and in all markets where you plan to be present, as free domains can be leased by someone else.
  9. Words like KUL, TOP, HOT are not recommended.
  10. You can be inspired by competition and well-known companies, but always pay attention to copyright!

What domains do we know?

  • GENERIC – .com, .net, .org…
    They are ideal if you are creating a website or store in English.
  • NATIONAL – .si, .de, .at, .it, hr…
    They are ideal for your local markets. It is mandatory that you have a website translated into language of your national suffix.
  • THEMATIC – .blog, .agency, .banc, .news, .marketing, .studio, .shop….
    An innovation in the world of domains that is becoming increasingly popular, since they show right away what kind of service is provided.

In case you need help choosing your domain, creating a website or store, contact our team. They will be happy to advise you.