Want to create a website or store, but can’t decide which option is right for you? What is WordPress, WooCommerce, and what is the difference between setting up a website on these platforms and designing a so-called custom website or store? What are advantages and disadvantages of both options?

We have the answers you need before you make a final decision!

Important questions that website or online store designer will ask you

Before deciding on any of the above, answer the questions written below:

  • How big will the website be, how many subpages will it have? If it’s an online store, how many products are you expecting to sell – 10-100, a few 100, a few 1000, or more?
  • How much are you willing to invest in your website?
  • Want to add content, new pages and functions yourself?
  • Do you have special requests on the overall look of the website – layout, features, etc.?

WordPress / WooCommerce

I need an attractive, beautiful website that won’t have too much content and I don’t have special functionality requirements. For my online store, I want to have a maximum of 5,000 products.

The perfect option for you is WordPress!

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS), which is very user friendly and is therefore ideal for everyone who wants to edit and add his own content (but this is not a requirement). What are the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress?

lower starting price

easy to add plugins for extra functionality

very user friendly, easy to use

attractive look

update of a website or store is required, as the CMS code is available to the public and there is a higher probability of security breaches (which are not possible with regular updates)

runs slightly slower (but not significantly for average users)

Custom website / online store

I need an extremely fast, functional website that will have a lot of content and a variety of custom functionalities.

The best choice for you will be a custom website or store!

The WordPress platform would not meet your requirements and would end up bringing more problems to your website than benefits. A custom website will allow you to design it according to your wishes and with all the necessary functions from the start with the help of a programmer. But what are its advantages and disadvantages?

no update required

you have the ability to create very demanding functionalities

reduced risk of a breach

site will be fast and efficient according to your needs

initial cost is higher

most changes must be made by a qualified programmer

All our websites are optimized for mobile devices and tablets. In addition, they contain SSL certificates and are optimized to achieve high positions on Google.

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