By purchasing a website or store, you get a working website, and its images and content, which is your property. Domain leasing, hosting and technical maintenance is paid separately and for a specified period (at least 1 year).

If you bought a website or store from us, you get free maintenance, hosting and domain for one year. After one year, we will send you an email asking if you want to renew your domain, hosting and technical maintenance.

A domain is your online address where users can visit your website. It is registered in an online service called a domain registry. This service handles registration, renewal and management of domains. Each domain is unique, and it is not possible to register two identical domains. Therefore it is necessary to check whether a domain is still available or whether someone has already leased it before registering.

If you want to check if a domain is available or you want to register it, contact us.

After purchase, the domain belongs to you only for the period for which you lease it (at least 1 year); after that period and if you do not renew it, it is again available for lease to other users. For this reason, it is especially important to keep track of your domain expiration date. You can lose it and someone else can lease it.

The hosting provider should alert you in a timely manner and renew your domain for a fee. In case you are handling domain leasing by yourself, write yourself a reminder. Otherwise you will be unpleasantly surprised if a completely different website suddenly appears on your address.

A website is similar to a program. This means that it must be placed or installed on a computer called a server.

Servers are computers that run 24 hours a day. This way, your site is always accessible from anywhere in the world.

If we handle hosting for you, the server regularly makes copies of your website, online store and emails, which is very useful, particularly in cases when something on the website crashes or your essential data is lost.

When a provider sets up a website or online store according to your wishes, he also makes sure everything works properly. But each update or change on the site can also change something else. Updates often cause forms, animations, functions, etc. to stop working. Maybe your website gets infected with a virus or hacked, or your entire online store crashes. There is no way of knowing about these situations in advance, so it is extremely helpful to have a reliable provider by your side who provides you with technical assistance and is available every day of the year.

You pay for technical maintenance in advance for a period of at least one year. The programmers ensure that your site runs smoothly and fix the bug within 24 hours after being reported.

Users who purchase technical maintenance with us are treated as priority and are not charged extra for urgent work. In addition, we take care of urgent security updates to the website.