The goal of every online store is to be transparent, to run fast, and to sell products. We create an online store by using WooCommerce, which is ideal for quick and easy design of a functional and quality online store. It is set on WordPress, the most popular platform for making websites.

WooCommerce has recently become the most popular platform for making an online store. With 41,693,327 downloads, WooCommerce runs more than 42% of all online stores. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized stores.

WooCommerce – a platform for selling products and services

WooCommerce is a platform intended to sell products and services. If we look from a technical point of view, WooCommerce is a plugin that you can install on a website that was created on WordPress (a great tool for creating websites).

WooCommerce platform is an extremely good solution for smaller, slightly more boutique and medium-sized online stores. It is also great for websites that include smaller online stores. The system itself contains everything you need to launch a store.

You can expand WooCommerce in a very simple way with plugins, by developing the store gradually, step by step, or according to your needs. Design options are limitless and management is very simple because it is similar to WordPress.

WooCommerce online store and biggest advantages

  • Suitable for most online merchants.

Although there are other platforms for online sales, such as Magento, Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce is a perfectly suitable platform for most of you, which can be confirmed by many online retailers.

  • It provides the maximum amount of functionality.

The first advantage of the WooCommerce platform is that it is completely free, just like WordPress. It basically provides you with all the tools you need to launch an online store. And if you know how to work with WordPress, you will be able to easily understand the WooCommerce platform as well.

  • Safe and stable.

WooCommerce is also known for its excellent security and stability. The platform is constantly updated and is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Automattic, owner of this platform, works closely with leading experts in online security. And the largest online community is always present in development.

  • It offers hundreds of extensions or plugins.

You can easily add hundreds of different plugins to the system to customize and upgrade your store.

  • Great choice for smaller stores.

WooCommerce is especially handy in making smaller online stores. The system is very successful in running single-item stores, as well as boutiques with a few dozen or a hundred products, and stores with more than 10,000 products. This means that this platform is just perfect for most of you.

  • You can easily edit and add products.

Editing and adding products couldn’t be simpler. Because there are so many upgrades available, WooCommerce does not limit you in growing or developing your business, but it actually grows with you.

Want to start selling products and services right away?

Since WooCommerce basically has everything to launch an online store, you can start selling your products and services right away. Adding and creating individual categories is easy, it even offers different payment methods: payment by proforma invoice or bank transfer, PayPal, payment upon receipt…

You can sell your products and services locally, but you can also choose the country from which the order can be placed. You can request an account login at the checkout or you can allow the customer to “purchase as guest” (purchase without registration). Different delivery methods are also available. Countries can be sorted by zones with different prices based on customer’s location.

Editing and adding products is like adding posts on WordPress

WooCommerce makes it extremely easy to add and edit products and services. Everything is very similar to adding posts on WordPress.

Products can be simple or combined, digital, virtual, changeable; you can link them with other products or highlight them. You can easily change price, set discounts, offer free delivery, promote sales with coupons, etc.

Although WooCommerce basically offers everything you need to launch a store, you will probably also decide to use extensions or upgrades. There are a lot of great solutions and plugins available to you; some are completely free, others are chargeable.

Creating a WooCommerce online store is among the most cost-effective

Because the WooCommerce platform (plugin for WordPress) is extremely user-friendly, it is also very easy to create or launch an online store. This will cost you much less than creating a similar store with larger systems.

By using WooCommerce, you will get all the necessary functions for successful online sales. If necessary, you will constantly upgrade your online store. WordPress also includes the best CMS system you can use to publish attractive content. Compared to other major e-commerce systems, this is definitely a big advantage.

In case you want to create a professional WooCommerce store and customize it for purchases, contact us and our professional team will be happy to help you. You can also contact us if you have problems creating an online store or if you want to make “custom” individual parts.

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