WordPress is the most widely used platform for building websites, stores and portals. Average user can easily manage pages, add content, galleries, create web forms and other tasks. Whether it is a simple blog, landing page, online store or a complex company website, WordPress is the right choice for you.

This is why WordPress is the most commonly used platform by website creators, as it can also be edited by customers themselves. According to statistics, 26.6% of websites were created with WordPress.

So why is this platform so appreciated? What are its main advantages and most important properties?

How do we use WordPress to design a professional website?

The most important feature of WordPress is that it offers the user the ability to design a simple and non-complex website, even if he is not skilled in programming and programming languages such as HTML and PHP. With the WooCommerce plugin,  WordPress allows the creation of smaller online stores.

Despite being very easy to use, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP is still required in case you want to create a professional website, which will be customized to sell your products or services. WordPress allows you to do many things without any problems, but it is quite limited for more demanding clients.

In case you need to create professional, beautifully designed and marketing-oriented WordPress websites and stores, contact us and we will send you our price list.

Easy and fast function management

WordPress is a synonym for speed and ease, especially when it comes to designing textual content that we publish on a blog or website. The reason for this is a user-friendly control panel and a text editor, which has many of the same features as Word and is really easy to use. This gives us a sense of familiarity the first time we use it, and we can immediately write content, format it, add pictures, videos and everything else we want to publish on our website. However, if we want to edit some additional functionalities or customize a function, this can be programmed without any problems. This is where we come in to make the website look professional and to bring in new customers. But you can still edit content and images.

WordPress is open source web content management software with an unlimited number of plugins designed by external creators or experienced users. This means that there is almost nothing that WordPress can’t handle. WordPress can be transformed into a personalized content management platform, according to different requirements.

When is WordPress not suitable for creating a website?

WordPress is not particularly suitable when we need websites that are completely customized for a particular client. It is also not suitable for construction of larger portals and online shops. In such a case, we definitely suggest a custom web portal that we program from the beginning to the end. The problem with WordPress is also speed, as it is not very optimized. However, this is all perfectly enough for ordinary users, small and medium-sized businesses.

For large companies that want a completely custom website, store or portal with a number of functions, we definitely recommend custom programming.