E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is considered to be one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. It can also be used for building relationships with potential customers. But email marketing is most effective with existing customers. Research shows that, on average, sales to existing customers are up to 7 times cheaper than to new customers. This will prove that you care about them, they will be more willing to recommend you to other people and continue to make purchases.

Of course, starting an email campaign is not easy. You will have to build a strong e-mail list, then segment it so that the right messages reach the right people, create a variety of content for different lists and pay attention to consistency, analyse the content and then regularly monitor the results. Naturally, our team can help you with that as well.

Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive marketing tactic, so we highly recommend it. It can become one of the best operators for your business. Since a great marketing strategy definitely requires a lot of time and effort, we are happy to take you through this process.

What else can you achieve with email marketing?

  • 1. Reaching the target audience

    With the help of email marketing, you can direct your marketing activities straight at target groups. This way, your communication with them will be much more effective.

  • 2. Measuring the response

    With the help of an email marketing app, you can measure the response of the customers you are addressing. This will help you determine in which case you receive the best response from customers, and at the same time you can improve your communication with them.

  • 3. Speed

    You can start doing email marketing very quickly. You need to prepare messages and an up-to-date list of addressees. It will only take you a few hours of your time.

  • 4. Cost-effectiveness

    Email marketing requires virtually no material costs. The most important thing is to create a great message that will provide the best possible response from your target audience.

  • 5. Timing

    You can send your messages at a time when the clients are most likely to open and read them.

  • 6. Immediate response

    Your clients can respond to messages as soon as they receive, open, and read them. As a next step, they can already visit your site, make an order on product or any other service.

  • 7. Brand development

    Email marketing is also very important in brand development, namely after people already know you. When your potential customers leave you their e-mail addresses, the most important thing is to create a custom messages that will have a certain value to them and not just the usual basic promotional material.

  • 8. Building trust

    With the help of email marketing, you can build a loyal customer base. You will certainly achieve this most easily with carefully structured messages, special offers, transparency, and above all, with a sincere and honest attitude.

  • 9. Creating relationships

    You need to understand that sending a few emails to your target audience does not necessarily mean they will respond to your offer. Please note that developing customer/client relationships is a time-consuming job. Persevere and you will succeed.

  • 10. Analysing consumer behaviour and target groups

    Eventually you will use email marketing to find out what your customers respond to the most. This will also help you how to better segment and shape your target audiences.

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