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Logo is the face of a company. You may come across different words that mean the same thing, for example: logo, symbol, sign… Each one means a recognizable sign around which the whole story of your company, activity, brand is intertwined… Logo is the main element of the overall graphic image of your business. It can appear on business cards, invoices, letters, business folders and more. It also should not be ignored in advertising, posters, buildings, public content… An excellent symbol has very positive effect on even greater visibility of your company, and it has been proven that is also increases your market value. Therefore logo design is an extremely important part of your business. You use it to communicate to your target audience who you are and what you actually represent.

Our team can create a great logo.

What makes a great logo stand out from competition is its uniqueness. It makes a great first impression. Our designers respect your wishes and help you create a logo which greatly increases your visibility. Only a great logo can impress you and your customers.

Logo design under the responsibility of our specialized team

Logo design under the responsibility of our first-class team takes place in predetermined steps, namely creativity, quality, in full accordance with your wishes and also within the agreed deadline.

1. Taking into consideration your wishes during first meeting.

When creating a logo for your company, our team listens to your wishes and builds upon the received information. You can send us an enquiry first, and then you can also contact us in person or call us by phone. Details can also be discussed via e-mail. If you want to receive the best result from us, you need to present your business, vision, wishes in the best possible way… Only then can we use design to get as close as possible to the essence of your business.

2. Logo design

In the next step we design several concepts based on your wishes and information, which we also present to you. We choose the best one together with you, and we adjust and refine it even more throughout the duration of the project. In this design phase, we consider the most important characteristics of a great logo. They are simplicity, creativity and persuasiveness. Our goal is to design a logo that will impress not only you but also your customers.

3. Logo in all required formats

When we complete the logo, we send you a colour and a black-white copy. We do this in all the necessary formats. You also receive the logo characteristics: colour values, dimensions and typography. At this point, your created logo is ready for wider application.

4. Corporate identity

If you express interest, we also take care of the corporate identity of your company. This stage includes the design and use of the logo and other information on your business cards, correspondence, invoices, seals, all types of printed matter, advertising materials, table headings, car stickers…

Our team will advise you from the very start to put a lot of thought into logo design. Together we will make sure to keep the logo simple and visible. We are aware that less information can often say significantly more than we would otherwise expect.

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