Online Store Creation

Creating an online store requires a lot of expertise in many areas. Our team of experts will help you with a complete set up of good-looking and efficient stores. All online stores are unique and designed to sell. We create stores on WooCommerce and Magento platforms.  This allows you to enter individual products into the store and also edit them.

The creation of each online store is done according to carefully planned steps. These are consistent planning and excellent concept layout, technical development of the store and search engine optimization.

The main purpose of an online store is to turn visitors into customers.

What are the key features of a great online store?

Regardless of whether your online store is small or big, it should contain certain key features that lead to a purchase. These are:

  • clear transparency;
  • consistency in design;
  • excellent navigation;
  • intuitive search;
  • strong calls to action;
  • highest ranking in search engines;
  • easily visible shopping cart;
  • simple online checkout with just a few steps;
  • ERP integration.

Decisive factors in creating a great impression on a visitor of your online store.

Our team is aware that the overall appearance of an online store and the colour scheme are the first and most decisive factors in creating a great impression on the guest who enters your store for the first time.

That is why out designers carefully design online stores to be transparent and fully customizable when it comes to purchases. We also customize the look of your online store for phones and desktop tablets. This allows you to offer visitors content that is appropriate for the selected medium.

Expect some important questions when we invite you to the meeting.

Before our professionally trained team starts creating your online store, we will invite you to a meeting. We will overwhelm you with important questions. Even if you won’t know the answer right away, we will definitely help you out.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us at: [email protected] or call 040 897 017.

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