Software Development

Every company eventually requires programming solutions. Maybe it needs a booking app, an app for running a logistics center, or its own accounting program. We offer a software solution for just about every problem encountered on your way to a more productive business.

What technologies do we use?

dvanced javascript programming with Vue.js, React.js, jQuery, Nodejs and Express libraries.

Working with relational and non-relational databases (mySQL, sqlite, Redis, Firebase, mongoDB)

API and backend with technologies such as PHP, Laravel, Node.js and Express.

React Native, Nativescript for programming mobile apps, available for both iOS and Android.

Electron for programming Windows and macOS apps.

No request is too small or too big for our specialized team. Each one is a challenge. With the help of our team, you will quickly find answers to all your questions and needs. Programming is one of our main activities.

We program and create:

  • all types of apps and programs;
  • complicated web portals;
  • booking systems;
  • API integrations and API solutions
  • advanced online stores.

Custom software development

So we do custom programming for you. Our team designs databases and creates web and desktop apps. Our staff has a very broad range of skills and experience. All this is indispensable for the development of custom systems our customers demand.

We use only the most modern technologies in our development.

Business software

Our team develops apps designed to address the specific requirements of our customers. Our customers can use apps to run their business or production from one place. Apps may, in particular, streamline and facilitate business and production management. This can help you to do business more efficiently and transparently.

What else does our team do:

  • We help develop existing portals and apps.
  • We plan the user experience.
  • We create an attractive image and process it.
  • We advise you in reaching key users.
  • We create databases.
  • We integrate databases for analysis.
  • We transfer data to any file or capture data from any file.

Discover our references

Our references will help you see that we have a professional, experienced and efficient team of experts that can tackle any software development project completely independently or as part of a larger group.

Our main task and desire is to understand the problem we are solving at a given moment. That is the only way we will succeed in building an effective solution.

The technology used by our highly qualified teams is intended primarily for fast development. It also allows us to adapt to your needs as much as possible.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us at: [email protected] or call 040 897 017.

Online Services

Websites that are not only visually appealing, but also successful in attracting new customers and creating a brand!

We are trusted by over 250 companies, including the largest and the best in their field.


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