Web Design

By effectively creating a website, we offer your potential customers an opportunity to find you faster in the digital world. This way, your website becomes your top seller. Websites are mainly created on WordPress platform. You can edit text and images on such pages yourself or contact us for more complex edits or corrections.

Creation of websites involves four main steps:

1. Planning

Creation of website begins with discovering each client’s needs, desires and goals. That is why, before proceeding with creation of website, we invite you to a meeting to discuss your wishes and requirements. Together we will decide how your website will be designed; what marketing strategies you will use to achieve the set goals as easily as possible.

Our experts are involved in website design. These are a designer, a user experience expert, a programmer and an SEO expert for website optimization.

2. Design

Our designers create unique website design templates. We show the proposed design to a client and edit it according to his wishes. Design is an extremely important step in creating a website, because an attractive design and excellent content architecture are important indicators of a successful company. Thoroughly prepared design offers visitors a feeling of trust and comfort.

3. Development

Once we obtain client’s agreement with the design, we then start the technical development of the website. The client can access a test web address at any time to monitor the construction of a website. Our programmers are familiar with all technical guidelines and standards. This ensures that the created website is reliable and long-lasting.

Development of a website is completed by testing the operation and quality of the entire website and placing it on the server.

4. Search engine optimization

Our SEO experts make sure that websites are designed to provide top search-engine results. This allows potential customers to find you very quickly. In addition, optimization experts are involved in the project since the beginning. Why? Because the most effective optimization requires coordination from the very beginning of website creation.

We also place great emphasis on the distribution of content. We will take care of efficient website marketing. This will be primarily market-oriented and also based on logical content marketing. After creating the website, we are always available for maintenance.

We want to carry out the project together with you, and at the same time we wish to establish long-term cooperation. We want you to be satisfied and to experience the joy of success in your work.

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Websites that are not only visually appealing, but also successful in attracting new customers and creating a brand!

We are trusted by over 250 companies, including the largest and the best in their field.


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