Web Portals Creation

We create all types of web portals. Web portals are mainly suitable for a larger number of users, administrators, content and additional features. Our team will create a web portal that will serve its purpose, while at the same time maintain a modern look and adapt to all possible screen resolutions.

Our team will create a web portal in steps that have been carefully planned in advance. You will be with us at every step, because your presence is extremely important in such a creation.

1. Reaching the best idea together

Behind every major success lies a good idea, which naturally needs to be developed. It also requires time to consider the possibilities and work out the structure and content. At this stage, we will invite you to our offices for a special interview.

Based on an intensive and quality interview, our team will get to know your business and goals for creating a web portal. We will be interested in your presentation, wishes, requirements and needs related to the functionality and shape of the web portal.

After the interview, our team will prepare a special offer that is completely non-binding. If you confirm the offer, we will prepare a special contract on mutual cooperation, method of work, obligations and, of course, production deadlines.

2. Web portal design

A very important step in the creation of a web portal is its design or look. At this stage, our team uses very precise and clear steps to define the look, content and layout of the portal. You will provide us with graphic elements and images, if you already have them prepared. If you do not have them, we will be happy to take care of that as well. The same goes for content.

Based on all of the above, we will make a graphic draft. We will work on it together with you until final confirmation.

3. Web portal programming

Once you confirm the design, our team can begin the next step and the most challenging part of the process: web portal programming. With your cooperation we program all the necessary and required functions of the portal.

When the programming is finished, we eliminate possible errors and work out the details.

4. Setting up the web portal at the final address

Finally, we upload your web portal on a public web address. Before finalization of the project, our team tests the operation of the web portal in various browsers and on various mobile devices.

If you have any additional questions, please write to us at: [email protected] or call 040 897 017

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